uPulse is the first uTwiddle desktop application for PC users! Itsits open while you listen to iTunes and provides you with the proper uTwiddle setlist information! Also includes the Jam button which allows you to skip to the known jam-points of popular Twiddle songs!

Zazu needs to get an important delivery to the band, help navigate him through popular venues in the Twiddleverse. Beat your high score to attain M/\XIMUM PE/\K/\GE!!! Please give the game up to a minute to load. Created by the Space Fish using the Phaser.js Framework. 8-Bit Sounds provided by Mister F's very own Scott Hannay!
Pro Tip: You can Press the 'Space Bar' to reset the game if you prefer that to clicking "Restart" each time. Also the 'Space Bar' is infinitely more effective than clicking or tapping. I'm working on mobile compatibility.


Need to know how many seconds there are in the day / week / month / year before you are in beatiful Vermont with all of your closest FRENDS? Well now you have the uTwiddle Countdown to FRENDLY! Date may be subject to change.


Ever wondered what it would be like to walk, jump and bite just like Frankenfoote? Well now you can! But unfortunately that's basically all you can do. Not much to it but fun to experience life through the eyes of the legendary Frankenfoote.

Send your FRENDS a uTwiddle card they can personalize themselves! All they have to do is type in their name and voila! Your very own Twiddle 'Mad World' acoustic jam session for your birthday or a frend's / mom's / evil apple creature trying to eat you's special day!