Artist: Twiddle
Song: Hatti's Jam
Transcribed by: ??? (please let me know if this was you! E-mail:

Standard Tuning (e B G D A E) - No Capo

Am                                   C    
A little bit ago I turned on country radio
                      F                                 Am G
I heard Keith Whitley sing a sweet melody
           Am                                            C
And it made me think of you and all the wisdom you had too
            F                                     Am G
And everything you ever taught to me
               Am                                       C 
Well it's so pretty to be proud of that lonesome bluegrass sound
                        F                                            Am G
And when that banjo rolls I hear you singing sweet
                      Am                                  C
And as you're mimicking the notes of the last guitar solo
                 F                                                  Am G                      
You said Damn man well that's just what you need
           Am                                           C 
Well I smiled and I laughed I said how pretty you are sweet Hat
         F                                             Am G
And I sat back and learned out every note
             Am                                     C
Well it's okay to be alone you learn a lot about your own
        F                            Am G
It's a no hate zone in return
F              G                       Am                      C                            F 
When it's time to shut your eyes inside there's light that gives me life
                  G                    Am
Too blind to see so pure so free
                     C                         F
The love you gave to those in need
                           G                            Am
Well I'm here my friend this love won't end
                         C                            F
I'll spread your word no I won't turn back
                          G                        Am                     C
When time's cut short and all that's left is your sweet love
         C        Am                    F                   C
Hattibagen McRat well your friends miss you man