Artist: Twiddle
Song: Bronze Fingers
Transcribed By: James Falconi(Djames Esquandolas)

Standard Tuning (e B G D A E) - No Capo

(/) Slide Up  (\) Slide Down  (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  (b) Bend (r) Release (v) Vibrato

Intro: E
E      A   B   E      A   C#m  B

Open up the window
        A                B             E
Let the air bring in the music of your world
                                A                B
See the birds they tango as you hear their songs unfold 
above the earth

It's a mystical morning
         A              B                  E
Let your head enjoy the freedom it deserves It's another 
                       C#m                 B
affection of the inner connection judging seemingly 


F#m          B?
As time goes on and on and on
               E                           C#m
It seems like just a year ago that I left home
And though I've learned some things I feel as though
I'm still the same 18 year old
     C#m                  E
Just 23 with all the same ideas & dreams
Come on now start the show
        B                             C#m          E  B
Let the music take you to a place you haven't gone before
And on and on you roll
         B                            C#m            E
Tumbling as if to the sound of clouds colliding with your 

Oh oh ohhhh
E        A   B   E     C#m A B

Verse 2 (same)?
See the world unravelling shedding dew to rainbows trapped in?treetop planes
With the wind in travel trust your white light burning brightly for the day
When a gut reaction brings a bit of passion
Trust the one thing left to save
Call my inner lion grab a bit of pride And strut my stuff out on the plane
? (Chorus)
Winding should be tangled shredding through the waves against the angry storm
It's my determination and my imagination just defying dreams unborn
My humiliation of the realization time keeps walking through my door
Instead I'll keep on moving by my inner grooving
Let change show me what I'm worth
? (Chorus)

Jam over verse chords

Show me what I'm worth