uPulse is a desktop application for Windows PC users that integrates with iTunes to provide setlist information for whatever Twiddle show you are currently listening to. As the songs change, it will update to show the proper uTwidde setlist information.

In addition, uPulse also offers the Jam Buton feature! This button lets you skip to the jam point for specific songs that are known to jam.

-Must have a Windows PC Running Windows Vista or greater.
-Must have your iTunes album name's follow some sort of YYYY MM DD naming convention. Examples: 2015-10-31 or 2015/10/31 or 2015.10.31...any varition is acceptible and will work a long as it starts with a YYYY-MM-DD , YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY.MM.DD naming convention at the beginning of the album name.
-Windows may provide a false-positive virus report for this application, trust the source, select more options and "Run Anyway". I promise this is a legit app! #TrustTheFish
-The Download file is a zip file containing both a setup.exe file and a setup.msi file, you should be able to use either to install uPulse.