All types of travelers from near and far 
Come to get a drink at Orlando's bar
On a lovely patch of grass in a land far away
Only those who have directions are allowed to drink and stay

On the stage is a man with a flawless reputation
He's the king of the jam drunk on many situations
And his friend stage right is a dobro sensation
Almost every single night he gets a standing ovation

Across the land they were selling out shows
With the sickest and the quickest riffs that everybody knows
They chose their name in no time flat
They decided on Jamflowman McGrat
And as the night goes on and the drinks get stronger
The crowd gets drunk and the band gets louder
But no one seems to mind as they played their favorite songs
Now everybody raise your glass
It's time to sing along

HEY da-da-da-da-da

In hopped a creature up to the bar
With a big head of dreads and a great big jaw
His wings were well hidden and his roots locked up tight
He'd been flying for months with no end in sight

He said "Barkeep now I need to drink my fill
Give me sour milk from some big birds bill"
And as the night went on he drank and danced and sang
Old Frankie was the happiest he'd ever been

And in the seat to his left was a mess of a man
Haunted by a quest in a foreign land
He was the greatest knight the king had ever seen
He defeated evil Zeus with his brother Meebs
He liked his scotch well aged with some Sour D
And was known to hit the dance floor occasionally
He jumped right up and said I LOVE THIS SONG
Then Tibby grabbed Frankie and they sang along


In the corner of the bar sits a man drinking tea
With a whole lotta stories of his time as a thief
In his youth he was king with his friend named Dean
They take your money take your pride and all your precious things
Eventually they made enough to go legit 
Buying up the corporations that made him sick
He retired at the age of 33
And spent the rest of his life doing what he pleased

At the middle of the room is a man fulla gloom
Cuz the ladies did not want to dance
No matter how hard he tried not a girl alive
Would consider his romance
With a boat made for tugging and a face full of greens
Old Cabbage did not stand a chance
But as he heard a song, a familiar tune
Him and Carter got up and danced across the room

Hey da-da-da-da-da

In the land of Beethoven & Greene
There's a bar for the flourishing scene
In the midst of the mist unseen
All the patrons can Relax and Dream
Relax and Dream
Open your eyes to see
Let the beauty all around
Fill your heart up with the sound
In the land of Beethoven & Greene
There's a bar for the flourishing scene
In the midst of the mist unseen
All the patrons can Relax and Dream

Written by: Mihali Savoulidis
Studio Appearance: PLUMP: Chapter Two (2017)
Special Notes: The song features characters from previous Twiddle songs meeting up at a bar called "Orlando's"

Song Stats:
Total times played:
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Show Date Venue Recording Special Notes
2017-03-31 Playstation Theater, New York, NY Yes Debut
2017-04-13 The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI Yes Second Set Opener
2017-04-21 Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA No
2017-04-28 Varsity Theatre, Baton Rouge, LA No
2017-05-05 College Street Music Hall, New Haven, CT No Second Set Opener
2017-05-26 Three Sisters Park, Chillicothe, IL No
2017-06-08 Great Stage Park, Manchester, Tennessee No
2017-06-24 Two Roads Brewing Company, Stratford, CT No
2017-06-30 Frendly Gathering at Sugarbush, Watsfield, VT No
2017-07-02 Snow Ridge Ski Area, Turin, NY Yes
2017-07-09 Marshfield Fairgrounds, Marshfield, MA No
2017-07-21 Irving Plaza, New York, NY No First Set Opener - Featured Giant Country Horns
2017-07-28 Waterfront Park, Burlington, VT No
2017-08-05 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH No
2017-08-11 The Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO Yes
2017-08-18 Snow King Ball Park, Jackson Hole, WY No
2017-08-19 Hawk Arrow Springs, St. Claire, MO No
2017-08-21 Meijer Garden Amphitheater, Grand Rapids, MI No
2017-09-01 The Warehouse at FTC, Fairfield, CT No First Set Opener
2017-09-15 Camp Kee-Wanee, Greenfield, MA No
2017-09-22 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH No
2017-09-26 Shaka's Live, Virginia Beach, VA No
2017-09-30 The Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PA No Second Set Closer
2017-10-13 The Mercury Lounge, Nashville, TN No Set Opener
2017-10-20 Star Theater, Portland, OR No
2017-10-26 The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA No Second Set Closer - Enter > Orlando's
2017-10-31 The State Room, Salt Lake City, UT No Enter > Orlando's
2017-11-10 Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA No Orlando's > Nicodemus Portulay > Polluted Beauty > Nicodemus Portulay > Orlando's
2017-11-24 The Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY No Enter -> Orlando's -> Drifter -> Apples -> Mamunes The Faun -> Apples
2017-12-31 The Palace Theatre, Albany, NY No Enter > Orlando's
2018-01-18 The House Of Blues, Cleveland, OH No
2018-01-24 Delmar Hall, St. Louis, MO No Set Opener
2018-02-17 SweetWater Brewing Company, Atlanta, GA No