Check out Twiddle's Official website. It's schnazzier than ours and has merch! Plus we can't exist without Twiddle, so ya know...the existing thing is sweet. Thanks to Twiddle and their management for being so cool and open with their fans! Communities like this don't just spring up for every band, so here's to the now and to the future!

The White Light Foundation is a non-profit charity created by fans of Twiddle with the goal of helping communites through fundraising and other charitable events. All proceeds go directly to the charity. By Twiddle fans...for everyone. Plus the Space Fish designed their website!

Your best source for information regarding Twiddle pins! Get pictures, number information, artist information and more at the first and only Twiddle Pin archive on the internet!

The Live Music Archive is probably the best source for freely (and legally) available live music on the internet. Every single show that you hear streaming on comes from the internet archive. A special thanks to all the tapers who patch into sounboards, mix, master and transfer all these shows for us. You guys the frontlines and what seperates the jam scene from every other scene. It's always been about the music.

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