In any situation mistakes are often made when
You put yourself before someone that could benefit
The leaves are changing the canvas of our nation
Mother Nature creates a perfect painting
The summer sun is cooling down for hibernation
Mister Winter gonna rock the trees until they're naked
The snow is melting as she flexes all her earthly powers
The mud is flowing leaving room for all the pretty flowers
And that's the way it goes
Yeah the seasons keep on turning while our loved ones seem to grow
It's just time my friend we all gots in the end sooooo
Laugh out loud go and hug your mom
Give your girl a little kiss while you sing her this song
Go and pet your dog Give your dad a high five
Call your brother or your sister let them know that you're alive
Then raise your glasses to the sky
Yeah this is my toast to livin' up a good life
Woo ooh ooh ooh
At a time of growing tension we need to ask the question
Will our children even have an earth to live in
It's chaos and destruction without rhyme or reason
Clogging all our arteries with garbage and neglection
Her curves are perfect hypnotizing all who gaze upon her
Deep in her eyes are mesmerizing fireworks forever
She starts to sweat now it's humid dew with scattered showers
She starts to cry now the hurricane remains in power
And when your life throws that peaceful sound
Just shut your eyes and lay your burdens down
And when your future love light's dimming out
Don't let your hatred fill your life with doubt
Unlock your spirit go and turn the key
You're in your own way it's the negative you see
Push back the cruelty and the jealousy
Scream it out shout it out loud
This really isn't me
Woo ooh ooh ooh
A magical elixir a natural game of twister
Her life is twisted like a club hoppin' hipster
A pulse in potion like a heart beatin' in her ocean
The lightnin' cracks while the thunder rolls the world in motion
Evil can't resist 'em an alien invasion
Abuse the beauty that was given
At last the lion roars for all our spinning careless towers
And left us space the keepers of her sacred palace

Written by: Mihali Savoulidis
Studio Appearance:

Song Stats:
Total times played:
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Show Date Venue Recording Special Notes
2012-03-09 Fat Spy Tavern, Bondville, VT No
2012-03-21 The Fox Theater, Boulder, CO Yes
2012-04-21 Shaskeen, Manchester, NH Yes
2012-05-11 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT No
2012-05-23 Spot Underground, Providence, RI No Show Closer
2012-05-31 The Local, Rutland, VT No
2012-06-23 Camp Coldbrook Music and Art Festival, Barre, MA Yes
2012-08-18 Spot Underground, Providence, RI Yes
2012-09-28 Rusty Nail, Stowe, VT No First Set Closer
2012-10-06 Stratton Mountain Ski Resort, Stratton Mountain, VT No
2012-10-26 Bayou, Albany, NY Yes
2012-11-16 Pier's and Blake, Utica, NY No
2012-11-17 Fishtail, Bromoseen, VT No Second Set Opener
2012-11-21 Stage One, Fairfield, CT No
2012-12-07 Fishtail Tavern, Bromoseen, VT Yes
2012-12-21 Magic Mountain, Londonderry, VT Yes with Jack Mitrani on guitar (as described by the band 'One of our bestest frends'
2012-12-31 Fat Spy, Bondville, VT No
2013-01-18 Putnam Den, Saratoga Springs, NY Yes First Set Closer
2013-01-19 Grizzly's, Stratton Mountain, VT Yes
2013-01-24 Pickle Barrel Nightclub, Killington, VT Yes Second Set Opener
2013-01-26 Rocky Top Tavern, Brattleboro, VT Yes
2013-02-14 Fishtail Tavern, Bromoseen, VT No
2013-03-02 Grizzly's, Stratton Mountain, VT No
2013-03-15 Fox Theater, Boulder, CO Yes
2013-03-21 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY Yes Show Opener
2013-03-23 Grizzly's, Stratton Mountain, VT Yes
2013-03-28 Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA Yes
2013-04-04 Bayou, Albany, NY Yes Show Opener
2013-04-20 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT Yes
2013-04-27 Just Jakes Pub, Montclair, NJ Yes with Chaz Canney on saxophone / trumpet
2013-05-03 Pearl Street Nightclub, North Hampton, MA No Second Set Closer
2013-05-04 The Barn, Pittsford, VT Yes
2013-05-17 Stage One, Fairfield, CT No
2013-05-25 Burton Snowboards Flagship Store, Burlington, VT No Set Opener
2013-06-27 Frendly Gathering at Timber Ridge, Windham, VT Yes Show Opener
2013-07-07 Putnam Den, Saratoga Springs, NY Yes
2013-07-17 Perfect Wife, Manchester, VT Yes
2013-08-07 Nectar's, Burlington, VT No Second Set Opener
2013-09-21 Spaceland Ballroom, Hamden, CT Yes
2013-10-09 Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS Yes
2013-10-13 320 South Main, Breckenridge, CO Yes
2013-10-17 Old Rock House, St. Louis, MO Yes Show Closer
2013-10-26 Pickle Barrel Nightclub, Killington, VT Yes
2013-11-01 Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT Yes
2013-11-14 Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA Yes Encore
2013-12-21 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT No
2013-12-30 Pearl Street Nightclub, North Hampton, MA No First Set Opener
2014-03-08 Grizzly's, Stratton, VT Yes Set 2 Opener
2014-03-13 Agave, Avon, CO Yes Show Opener
2014-03-15 Cervantes the Otherside, Denver, CO No Show Opener
2014-03-21 Fire on the Water, Milwaukee, WI No
2014-03-28 Nietzsche's, Buffalo, NY No Second Set Opener
2014-04-05 Johnny D's, Somerville, MA No
2014-04-20 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT Yes
2014-06-26 Frendly Gathering, Timber Ridge, VT No
2014-07-12 Hudson Project, Saugerties, NY No
2014-08-23 Stratton Mountain, Stratton Mountain, VT Yes
2014-09-11 The Saint, Abury Park, NJ No
2014-10-17 The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH Yes
2014-11-01 The Met, Pawtucket, RI Yes
2014-11-07 The Mousetrap, Indianapolis, IN No
2014-11-15 The Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO Yes Second Set Opener
2014-11-21 Gypsy Sally's, Washinton, D.C. Yes
2014-11-26 StageOne, Fairfield, CT Yes Beehop -> Earth Mama
2014-12-28 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT No Encore/Show Closer
2015-02-13 Luvafunk at the Spaceland Ballroom, Hamden, CT Yes Featured Wiley Griffin on guitar
2015-02-27 The Reef, Boise, ID Yes Set Closer
2015-03-05 Balcony Bar and Grill, Durango, CO Yes Encore
2015-03-07 Fly Me to the Moon Saloon, Telluride, CO Yes Second Set Closer - Rocky Raccoon > Earth Mama
2015-03-13 The Ogden Theater, Denver, CO Yes Encore - Featured Kenny Brooks (Ratdog) on saxophone
2015-04-04 Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park, NY Yes Set Closer
2015-04-15 The Chop Shop, Charlotte, NC No Set Opener
2015-04-24 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT Yes Encore Closer - Zazu's Flight > Earth Mama
2015-05-02 Rock and Roll Resort, Kerhonkson, NY Yes Encore - featured Jamie Armstrong (Lucid) on saxophone and Greg Horowitz on vocals
2015-05-16 Festival Pier at Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA No Set Opener
2015-06-27 Frendly Gathering, Timber Ridge, VT Encore
2015-07-18 Great South Bay Music Festival at Shorefront Park, Patchogue, NY Yes
2015-10-12 New Mountain Theater, Asheville, NC Yes Encore
2015-10-16 The House of Blues, New Orleans, LA Yes
2015-10-22 Trees, Dallas, TX No
2015-11-01 1st Ward at the Chop Shop, Chicago, IL No
2015-11-19 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN No
2015-12-05 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY Yes
2016-01-02 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT Yes
2016-03-04 Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, Okeechobee, FL No First Set Opener
2016-03-12 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT Yes Encore
2016-03-29 Lincoln Theater, Raleigh, NC Yes Set Closer
2016-04-20 Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH Yes
2016-06-03 The Fox Theater, Boulder, CO Yes
2016-06-24 Frendly Gathering, Londonderry, VT Yes
2016-07-09 Levitate Music Festival, Marshfield, MA Yes Set Opener
2016-07-30 Tumble Down at The Waterfront, Burlington, VT Yes
2016-08-06 The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival at Legend Valley, Thornville, OH No Set Opener
2016-08-27 Lockn' Festival at Oak Ridge Farm, Arrington, VA Yes
2016-09-28 Old Rock House, St. Louis, MO Yes Indigo Trigger > Earth Mama
2016-10-04 Animas City Theater, Durango, CO No Second Set Closer
2016-10-14 Nectar Lounge, Seatle, WA Yes First Set Opener
2016-10-23 Hangtown Music Festival, Placerville, CA No Featured Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz (ALO) on guitar
2016-11-23 State Theater, Portland, ME Yes Set Opener
2017-02-26 Terrapin Crossroads in The Grate Room, San Rafael, CA No Set Opener
2017-03-05 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY Yes Second Set Opener
2017-03-09 Jungle Jam, Jaco, Costa Rica Yes
2017-03-18 Colonial Theatre, Keene, NH Yes First Set Opener
2017-03-31 Playstation Theater, New York, NY Yes Second Set Opener
2017-04-09 Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH Yes Second Set Opener
2017-04-15 Majestic Theater, Madison, WI Yes Featured Tim McIlree on fiddle
2017-04-25 High Dive, Gainesville, FL No Set Closer
2017-05-04 Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA No First Set Closer
2017-05-27 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH No
2017-07-01 Frendly Gathering at Sugarbush, Watsfield, VT No
2017-09-21 Anthology, Rochester, NY No
2017-09-26 Shaka's Live, Virginia Beach, VA No Set Opener
2017-10-21 HiFi Music Hall, Eugene, OR No Second Set Opener
2017-10-27 The Independent, San Francisco, CA No
2017-11-11 Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA No > White Light > Earth Mama
2017-12-29 The Anthem, Washington, D.C. No
2018-01-20 Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI No Set Closer
2018-01-27 Infinity Event Center, Salt Lake City, UT No
2018-02-02 Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR No Set Opener