The Adventures of Hilbago on Twiddle Tour


Wednesday June 25, 2014

Burning Dan and I arrived in Vermont early and stayed at Stone’s Lodge. It was a nice old building but a little weird. At the Perfect Wife we drank our first Switchback on draft in years, and ate some delicious burgers. After only being in VT for a few hours we wanted to move back. Everything just seems right in VT. After dinner we went to Whiskey Dick’s (used to be The Outback and Winhall River) to see Mihali play a solo show. We were reminded of the time we saw Twiddle play hear in 2009 for a 4th of July party.

We arrived and were greeted with big hugs to begin a great intro to Frendly. The highlights for us that evening were Subconscious Prelude, Best Feeling, and Be There. Subconscious reminds me of the good old days in VT, and as it was the tune I had been humming in the car ride up from PA, it felt perfect.

Friday June 27, 2014

Friday morning we awoke happy that it was only Friday, early arrival was worth every penny. Our crew hiked up to the top of the mountain with our LUVADUCK flag , a portable cooler, and some brews, like some sort of Sherpa on a quest for excellent tunage. The set itself was amazing, add in the breathtaking view of the VT mountains as a backdrop, it was an epic start to the day. I really enjoyed Beethoven & Greene and Did You Ever Look So Nice. I think this was the first time I heard Twiddle play that cover live.

The Teepee at the Woods Stage was a nice back drop for the guys on Friday night. It was lit up like a giant lantern and the LED hoops were out in full effect. The field in front was a bit of a mud pit that didn’t stop frends from going crazy for one of the most jammed out and improvisational sets of the weekend. The Jamflowman improv was in our opinion some of the most progressive jamming we’ve ever heard the boys play.

Saturday June 28, 2014

Saturday morning we walked down to the pond and handed out a hundred clown noses before the set, wish we had brought a few more. (I saw a photo of Brook wearing one later on, which made me smile). It was great to see some healthy green ladies on the stage. It was a perfect sunny day for a reggae-themed set. I would say 54-46 and Be There were my favorite parts of the set, as well as the battle of the raft.

Sunday June 29, 2014

After taking a quick nap our camp “woke up and raged” and hiked up the hill for what was sure to be one of the most stellar sets. The DJ Nest was insane, each band member on their own platform high up in the trees, there were saplings spun around the towers and seriously trippy lights shining down from above. Zazu’s Flight and Frankenfoote were some definite highlights of that set. And the really informal encore of Frends Theme and The Way It Is, were a perfect way to end for twiddle, a little goofy, fun, and groovy.

We ended the festival right by heading over to Gubbulidis’ set in the morning. I would have to say hearing B&G again was a great way to start the morning, as well as All Along the Watchtower. I am definitely a sucker for an acoustic watchtower. The entire weekend went way too fast, but I definitely enjoyed every second! We got muddy, caught a buzz, hiked a mountain (a few times), watched the sun set and rise, and got the fuck down, all the while surrounded by some of the greatest frends and music a person could ask for. Special Thanks to Twiddle and all of the Frends Crew, you guys throw an epic party. -Hillary (Ant Janice)