2017-03-09 | Jungle Jam, Jaco, Costa Rica

One Set: Subconscious Prelude[1], Blunderbuss, Earth Mama, Zazu's Flight > Dr. Remidi's Melodium[2], Gatsby The Great, Wildfire, Apples, Be There, Hatti's Jam -> When It Rains, It Pours

Show Notes: This set was the first of two the band played at the Junle Jam music festial in Jaco Costa Rica. This set was played the first night for VIP ticket holders. Twiddle's set was 6:15pm to 8:00pm. Other artists that performed that day included Stick Figure, Feather Wolf, Zach Deputy, Fortunate Youth & Matos.
[1] The set opened with an improv jam (possibly a new song?) and segued into "Subconscious Prelude"
[2] "Dr. Remidi's Melodium" contained a Gubb dump.