2016-12-31 | The Palace Theater, Albany, NY

Set 1: Moments, Doinkinbonk!!!, Lost In The Cold Blunderbuss, Daydream Farmer, Dusk 'Til Dawn, Apples

Set 2: BBQ[1], Polluted Beauty, Zazu's Flight, Jamflowman, Frankenfoote

Encore: Layla[2]

Show Notes: Soule Monde and Aqueous opened the show.  
[1] Prior to "BBQ" the set opened with Auld Lang Syne performed by Twiddle, Soule Monde and Aqueuos. "BBQ" also went on to feature Soule Monde and Aqueous.
[2] "Layla" (Derek and the Dominos) was a debut and featured Mike Gantzer (Aqueous) and Dave Loss (Aqueous) on keys.