2016-10-23 | Hangtown Music Festival, Placerville, CA

One Set: Jam[1], Apples, Syncopated Healing[2], Bronze Fingers, Latin Tang[3], Earth Mama[4], Zazu's Flight[5]

Show Notes: This show was a part of the 2016 Fall Tour. Twiddle's headlining set was from 8:45pm PST to 10:00pm PST on the Hangin' Hall Stage.
[1] The set began with a 15 minute fully improvised jam.
[2] Prior to "Syncopated Healing" Mihali told a story about the band attending a taping of the Price Is Right days prior. He said they asked Drew Carey if he wanted to sit-in with them but he declined. Mihali then dedicated the song to Drew Carey. 
[3] "Latin Tang" featured Timothy Carbone (Railroad Earth) on electric violin.
[4] "Earth Mama" featured Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz (ALO) on guitar.
[5] The lyrics in "Zazu's Flight" were changed to "Cali has the dankest green".