2016-09-10 | College Street Music Hall, New Haven, CT

Set 1: White Light, Brick Of Barley[1], Second Wind, Polluted Beauty[2], Lost In The Cold[2]

Set 2: Dusk 'Til Dawn, Beethoven and Greene[1], Carter Candlestick[1] > Jamflowman[1] > Frankenfoote[1], Latin Tang[3]

Show Notes: This show was a part of the 2016 Fall Tour. The entire show featured Josh Dobbs (Cats Under The Stars) sitting in on keys for Ryan who did not play due to illness as well as Adrian Tramontano (Kung Fu) sitting in on auxilary drums. Cosmic Dust Bunnies and Bobby Paltauf Band opened the show.
[1] "Brick Of Barley", "Beethoven and Greene", "Carter Candlestick", "Jamflowman" & "Frankefoote"  featured Wiley Griffin (Teddy Midnight) on guitar.
[2] "Polluted Beauty" & "Lost In The Cold" featured The West End Blend Horns.
[3] "Latin Tang" featured Chris DeAngelis (Kung Fu) on bass and featured a bass duel with Zdenek.