2016-06-16 | Mad Tea Party Jam, Artemas, PA

Set 1: Amydst The Myst, Jamflowman, Indigo Trigger -> Gatsby The Great -> Pachelbel's Canon In D -> Gatsby The Great[1]

Set 2: Blunderbuss, Hatti's Jam -> When It Rains, It Poors[2], Lost In The Cold, Apples -> Legalize It -> Apples[3], Frankenfoote[4]

Show Notes: This show was a part of the "Festively Plump" 2016 summer tour. It was the headlining spot on the first night of the Mad Tea Party Jam music festival. Twiddle's first set was originally scheduled for 7:30 - 9:00 and the second set for 10:30pm - 12:00am but a severe storm caused both to get push until later. The first set was pushed until 9:45pm to 11:00am. There was a brief 5 minute set break and then the second set went from 11:05 until 12:20am. The sets were played on the Stone Circle Stage. 
[1] "Gatsby The Great" contained a "Big Country" (Bela Fleck) tease.
[2] "When It Rains, It Poors" contained a "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" quote.
[3] "Apples" featured Jeremy Schon (Pigeons Playing Ping Pong) on guitar.
[4] "Franknfoote" featured Dino Dimitrouleas (The Werks) sitting in for Zdenek on bass.