2016-06-03 | The Fox Theater, Boulder, CO

Set 1: Blueberry Tumble, Be There, The Catapillar, Dusk 'Til Dawn, Subconscious Prelude[1], Brick Of Barley, Hatti's Jam -> When It Rains, It Poors[2]

Set 2: Complacent Race, Amydst The Myst, Latin Tang, Wildfire, Tiberius, Lost In The Cold

Set 3: Mamunes The Faun, The Box[3], Earth Mama, Doinkinbonk!!![4]

Encore: Collective Pulse

Show Notes: This show was a part of the "Festively Plump" 2016 summer tour. The entire first set featured Mihali on acoustic guitar. The entire second set featured The Frendly Horns. 
[1] "Subconscious Prelude" contained a "Mary Had a Little Lamb" tease. 
[2] "When It Rains, It Poors" contained "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" quotes.
[3] "The Box" featured a drummer switch-out with Jeremy Salkin (Big Gigantic) sitting in for Brook.
[4] "Doinkinbonk!!!" featured a Brook / Honeycomb vocal jam.