2016-04-16 | Concord Music Hall, Chicago, IL

One Set: Apples, Five, Tiberius[1], Orderly Chaos[2], Collective Pulse[3], Latin Tang[4]

Encore: Hatti's Jam -> Walk Hard[5]

Show Notes: This show was played as a part of the , "Plumptydumpty" Tour. Soap opened the show. 
[1] Prior to "Tiberius" there was a "A Thousand Miles" (Vanessa Carlton) tease from Ryan. During the jam Ryan threw candy at the crowd.
[2] "Orderly Chaos" contained "Untitled 4 ('Njósnavélin')" (Sigur Rós) quotes.
[3] Prior to "Collective Pulse" there was an impromptu rap verse which featured Mihali beatboxing, bass by Zdenek, drums by Brook and rapping from Ryan.
[4] "Lain Tang" contained a Gubb Dump as well as a PSA from Zdenek regarding the upcoming Tumble Down music festival.