2016-04-07 | The Concourse, Knoxville, TN

One Set: Glory, Second Wind, Apples, Latin Tang -> Too Many Puppies -> Ganja Medley[1] -> The Joker -> Latin Tang, Polluted Beauty[2], Invisible Ink

Encore: Karma Police[3]

Show Notes: This show was played as a part of the "Plumptydumpty" Tour. 
"The Joker" was last played 2015-04-10 (100 shows). 
"Karma Police" was last played 2015-10-14 (52 shows).
[1] "Ganja Medley" contained "Legalize It" (Peter Tosh), "Pass The Dutchie" (Musical Youth) and "Who's Got The Herb?" (311) teases.  
[2] "Polluted Beauty" contained a "I'm Shipping Off To Boston" (Dropkick Murphys) full band jam.
[3] Prior to "Karma Police" there was an "A Thousand Miles" (Vanessa Carlton) tease from Ryan.