2016-03-29 | Lincoln Theater, Raleigh, NC

One Set: Indigo Trigger, Carter Candlestick, Brick Of Barley[1], Doinkinbonk!!![2], Earth Mama[3]

Encore: Hatti's Jam -> When It Rains, It Poors[4], Mamunes The Faun[5]

Show Notes: This was the first night of the Plumptydumpty Tour. Groove Fetish opened the show. This show marked the debut of Ryan's new C2D keyboard which he lovingly dubbed "Wynter".
[1] Prior to "Brick Of Barley" there was a "A Thousand Miles" (Vanessa Carlton) tease by Ryan. During the song there was a full band "X-Files Theme" tease. 
[2] "Doinkinbonk!!!" contained a "Little Drummer Boy" tease from Mihali & "Too Many Puppies" teases from Zdenek as well as "Blunderbuss" jam. There was also banter regarding "Tumble Down" from Zdenek near the end which also included a "Daydream Farmer" tease.
[3] "Earth Mama" contained a "Stir It Up" tease from Zdenek. 
[4] During Ryan's solo, the entire band got on their knees to jam it out with him.
[5] "Mamunes The Faun" featured Andy Blair (Groove Fetish) on guitar.