2016-03-16 | Club Metronome, Burlington, VT

Gubbulidis Set: Hattibagen Mcrat, White Light

Twiddle Set: Grandpa Fox

Gubbulidis Set: Brown Chicken, Brown Cow

Twiddle Set: Amydst The Myst, Be There[1]

Gubbulidis Set: Roar Like A Lion, 54-46[2], Pressure Drop[2]

Twiddle Set: Lost In The Cold[3]

Gubbulidis Set: Round Here

Twiddle Set: Collective Pulse

Show Notes: This was a secret set played during a Gubbulidis performance. Throughout the Gubbulidis set the band would intermittently turn into Twiddle. 
[1] "Be There" was dedicated to Jay Segal for his birthday.
[2] "54-46" and "Pressure Drop" featured Josh Dobbs and Ryan Clausen (Dead Set, Best Good Frends).
[3] Prior to "Lost In The Cold" there was a Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix) inspired jam.