2015-12-31 | Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT

Set 1: Gatsby The Great[1] > Big Country > Daydream Farmer > Doinkinbonk!!![2] > Apples[3], Syncopated Healing[4]

Set 2: Hatti's Jam -> When it Rains, it Poors[5], Second Wind > Gatsby The Great -> Divided Sky -> Second Wind, Wasabi Eruption > The Box -> Robot Rock -> The Box[6], Honeyburste[7] > Beehop[8] > Honeyburste

Encore: Beethoven and Greene > Gatsby The Great

Show Notes: This show was the first of a three-night, sold-out New Year's Eve run at Higher Ground. Soule Monde opened the show. The countdown to midnight opened the second set followed by "Auld Lang Syne". Before the encore, "Happy Birthday" was sang for Jack Mitrani (Frendly Crew). Within "Gatsby The Great" the band played their entire "Somewhere Over the Mountain" release except "Hattibagen McRat" which was played the following night and "Westcotton Candy" which was not played. "Beehop" was not in it's original album placement. 
[1] "Gatsby The Great" contained a "Norwegian Wood" (The Beatles) tease
[2] "Doinkinbonk" contained multiple 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' and 'Baby Beluga' nursery rhyme teases
[3] "Apples" featured Russ Lawton (Soule Monde) on drums and Ray Paczkowski (Soule Monde) on keys and featured Ryan on the marimba, Yvonne.
[4] "Syncopated Healing" featured Stephen Dempsey on saxophone
[5] "When it Rains, it Poors" featured Ryan on the marimba, Yvonne
[6] "The Box" contained "Voodoo Chile" (Jimi Hendrix) and "Eye of the Tiger" (Survivor) teases
[7] "Honeyburste" contained an "Auld Lang Syne" tease
[8] "Beehop" contained "Daydream Farmer" and "Eye of the Tiger" (Survivor) teases.