2015-12-11 | The Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA

Set 1: Polluted Beauty > Gatsby The Great -> Big Country -> Gatsby The Great[1], Honeyburste[2]

Set 2: Indigo Trigger[3], Brick of Barley, Carter Candlestick[4], Invisible Ink

Show Notes: This show was the first of a two night, sold-out run at the Paradise Rock Club. Cabinet opened the show.
[1] "Gatsby The Great" contained a "Little Drummer Boy" tease.
[2] "Honeyburste" contained a Gubb dump. 
[3] Prior to "Indigo Trigger" there was a "Wilson" (Phish) tease.
[4] "Carter Candlestick" contained "Jamflowman" teases from Mihali.