2015-12-04 | Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY

Set 1: Amydst The Myst, Syncopated Healing, Apples[1], Dusk 'Til Dawn, Be There

Set 2: Hatti's Jam -> When it Rains, it Poors > Indigo Trigger, Lost in the Cold[2], Cabbage Face, Doinkinbonk!!![3]

Encore: My Heart Will Go On[4] > Beethoven & Greene

Show Notes: This show was the first of a two night, sold-out run at the Brooklyn Bowl. The show was streamed for free (audio and video) via Relix.com. During "Lost in the Cold" fake snow showered the fans.
[1] "Apples" contained a "Little Drummer Boy" tease.
[2] "Lost in the Cold" contained a "Carol of the Bells" jam
[3] "Doinkinbonk!!!" contained a "Dear Prudence" tease.
[4] "My Heart Will Go On" featured Ryan jamming the beat to BnG on the drums followed by Mihali playing the chords on the keyboard before playing a full band jam.