2015-11-07 | The Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO

One Set: Lost in the Cold, Grandpa Fox, Second Wind Jamflowman[1], Every Soul, Gatsby The Great -> Big Country -> Gatsby The Great

Encore: With a Little Help From My Friends[2]

Show Notes: This show was a part of the TWERK Tour featuring The Werks. Twiddle headlined the show. Due to a family emergency, Ryan Dempsey sat-in for Dan Shaw of The Werks. 
[1] "Jamflowman" contained a 'Layla' (Eric Clapton) tease
[2] "With a Little Help From Our Friends" featured The Werks and Eric Luba (Jaden Carlson Band) on keys and ended with Mihali on Dino Dimitrouleas (The Werks) shoulders.