2015-11-06 | The Aggie Theater, Fort Collins, CO

One Set: Amydst The Myst, Doinkinbonk!!![1], Beethoven & Greene, White Light, Tiberius

Show Notes: This show was a part of the TWERK Tour featuring The Werks. Twiddle opened the show. Due to a family emergency, Ryan Dempsey sat-in for Dan Shaw of The Werks. The encore "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" (The Charlie Daniels Band) was performed by Mihali on guitar, Chris Houser (The Werks) on guitar, Zdenek Parker Gubb on bass, Rob Chaffin (The Werks) on drums and Dino Dimitrouleas (The Werks) on vocals.
[1] The lyrics to "Doinkinbonk!!!" were changed to 'Everybody smoke some pot!'