2015-10-16 | House of Blues, New Orleans, LA

One Set: Mamunes the Faun, The Catapillar[1], Second Wind, Hattibagen McRat[2], Polluted Beauty[3], Earth Mama, Zazu's Flight

Encore: Hatti's Jam -> When it Rains, it Poors

Show Notes: This show was a part of the "TWERK Tour" which featured The Werks. Twiddle headlined this show. 
[1] "The Catapillar" featured 'A Go-Go' (Medeski, Martin & Wood) and 'Bubblehouse' (Medeski, Martin & Wood) teases.
[2] "Hattibagen McRat" featured Tom Witek (Tom Witek Jazz Quartet) on bass
[3] Prior to "Polluted Beauty" there was a 'My Heart Will Go On' (Celine Dion) tease from Dempsey.