2015-10-08 | The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ

One Set: On The Road Again[1] > Grandpa Fox, Every Soul, Dr. Remidi's Melodium[2], Invisible Ink, Polluted Beauty > Subconscious Prelude[3] > Polluted Beauty, My Heart Will Go On > Jamflowman

Encore: Hatti's Jam -> When it Rains, it Poors[4]

Show Notes: This was the first night of the "Twerk Tour" which featured the Werks. Twiddle headlined this show.  
[1] "On The Road Again" (Willie Nelson) was a debut
[2] "Dr. Remidi's Melodium" contained a "Harry Potter Theme" tease from Zdenek. 
[3] "Subconscious Prelude" was a slowed down, ballad, not-so-bluegrassy version
[4] "When it Rains, it Poors" featured Chris Houser (The Werks) on guitar and Dan Shaw (The Werks) on keys