2015-06-26 | Frendly Gathering Music Festival, Timber Ridge, VT

One Set: Gatsby The Great, Syncopated Healing, Lost in the Cold, Hattibagen McRat[1]

Encore: All Along The Watchtower[2]

Show Notes: This set was played as a part of the Frendly Gathering Music Festival. It was originally meant to be played on the Woods Stage but was moved to the Frendly Stage due to sound issues during the Kitchen Dwellers' set. Earlier in the day, Mihali and Brook played an acoustic set dubbed "The Kids Set" at the Martin Dome stage. The setlist was: Amydst the Myst, Daydream Farmer, Syncopated Healing, BBQ, Frankenfoote, White Light, Lost in the Cold, Tiberius, Beethoven & Greene.
[1] "Hattibagen McRat" featured Torrin Daniels (Kitchen Dwellers) on banjo
[2] "All Along The Watchtower" featured Tim Palmieri (Kung Fu) on guitar