2015-04-20 | The Pour House, Charleston, SC

Set 1: Glory, Lost in the Cold, Beehop > Ganja Medley[1] > Beehop, Jamflowman[2], Brown Chicken Brown Cow

Set 2: Dr. Remidi's Melodium[3] -> Star Wars Theme ->  Dr. Remidi's Melodium -> Apples[4] -> Funky Town -> Ghostbusters -> Apples, Doinkinbonk!!! -> Too Many Puppies -> Doinkinbonk!!!, Hatti's Jam -> When it Rains it Poors

Encore: White Light

Show Notes: This was the first night of the "Return of TigerPus" Tour which featured Kung Fu. 
[1] "Ganja Medley" featured "Beehop -> Smoke 2 Joints (The Toyes) -> Legalize It (Peter Tosh) -> Who's Got the Herb? (311) -> The Joker (Steve Miller Band) -> Beehop"
[2] "Jamflowman" contained a "Layla" (Eric Clapton) jam
[3] Prior to "Dr. Remidi's Melodium" there was a "Bawitaba" (Kid Rock) tease; the first half of Dr Remidi's contained a Gubb Dump. 
[4] "Apples" contained a Michael Jackson medley which featured "Smooth Criminal", "Beat it" and "Thriller" teases.