2015-04-03 | Irving Plaza, New York, NY

One Set: Hatti's Jam[1] -> When it Rains, It Pours[2] > Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Jamflowman[3] > Frankenfoote[4], Be There, Beehop > Ganja Medley[5] > Beehop, Brown Chicken Brown Cow[6]

Show Notes: This show was played as part of the "Dirty Dozen" tour with Kung Fu. The set opened with members of both bands for a superjam. Twiddle opened the show. Twiddle joined Kung Fu to play "Shakedown Street" (Grateful Dead) for the final encore. 
[1] Prior to "Hatti's Jam" there was a Twiddle/Kung Fu superjam which also featured Kenny Brooks (Ratdog) on saxophone. 
[2] "When it Rains it Pours" featured Kenny Brooks (Ratdog) on saxophone
[3] "Jamflowman" contained a 'Layla' (Eric Clapton) tease
[4] "Frankenfoote" featured Jim Palmeri (Kung Fu) on guitar and Kenny Brooks (Ratdog) on saxophone
[5] "Ganja Medley" featured "Smoke 2 Joints (The Toyes) > Legalize It (Peter Tosh)  > Pass the Dutchie (Musical Youth)"
[6] "Brown Chicken Brown Cow" featured Wiley Griffin on guitar and ended with another superjam featuring all the members of Kung Fu.