2015-04-01 | Iron Works, Buffalo, NY

One Set: White Light, Mamunes the Faun[1], Amydst the Myst, Syncopated Healing[2], Polluted Beauty, Every Soul[3]

Encore: Wildfire

Show Notes: This was the opening night of the Kung Fu / Twiddle "Dirty Dozen Tour" which featured a rotating lineup. Twiddle headlined this evening, Kung Fu opened the show. Prior to 'Pollutead Beauty' there was a 'Jamflowman' tease. Prior to playing 'Wildfire' Brook made note that the song would be included on the band's forthcoming double-LP "PLUMP". 
[1] 'Mamunes the Faun' featured Rob Somerville (Kung Fu) on tenor saxophone
[2] 'Syncopated Healing' featured Tim Palmieri (Kung Fu) on guitar
[3] 'Every Soul' featured Todd Stoops (Kung Fu) on keys