2015-03-12 | Barkley Ballroom, Frisco, CO

Set 1: Hatti's Jam -> When it Rains it Pours, Jamflowman, Indigo Trigger[1], White Light > Heavy Things > White Light

Set 2: Doinkinbonk!!! > D'Yer Maker > Carter Candlestick[1] > Doinkinbonk!!![2], Cabbage Face

Encore: Invisible Ink > Country Roads > Invisible Ink

Show Notes: The Big Something opened. Prior to 'Cabbage Face' Mihali mentioned "Ryan wrote this on Peyote".
[1] 'Indigo Trigger' & 'Carter Candlestick' contained 'Jamflowman' teases
[2] 'Doinkinbonk!!!' contained 'Indiana Jones Theme' and 'James Bond Theme' jams