2015-02-27 | The Reef, Boise, ID

One Set: Glory, Polluted Beauty, Atlantic Mocean -> BBQ -> Atlantic Mocean, I Want You Back -> Boogie on Reggae Woman[1] -> I Want You Back, Every Soul, Eyes of the World[2], Earth Mama

Encore: La Bamba

Show Notes: Cure For the Common opened the show. The venue had a strict curfew (show started at 11:30 and was over by 12:56) and as a result the band only had four minutes for an encore. Mihali commented prior to playing the encore "We only have 4 minutes left, so we're goingto do the only 3 minute song we have" and then proceeded to play 'La Bamba'.
[1] 'Boogie on Reggae Woman' contained the funk jam section from 'Apples'
[2] 'Eyes of the World' was sung by Brook