2015-02-18 | Madison Theater, Covington, KY

One Set: White Light, Gatsby The Great -> Big Country -> Pachelbel's Canon in D -> Gatsby The Great, Syncopated Healing, Mamunes the Faun[1] -> Son's Gonna Rise -> Mamunes the Faun, Latin Tang, Frankenfoote[2], Hatti's Jam -> When it Rains it Pours[2]

Encore: Mad World

Show Notes: Houselove ft. Chris Houser of The Werks opened.
[1] 'Mamunes the Faun' contained a Gubb Dump which featured Dino Dimitrouleas (The Werks).
[2] 'Frankenfoote' & 'When it Rains, it Pours' featured Chris Houser (The Werks) on guitar.