2014-12-28 | Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT

Set 1: Wildfire[1], Syncopated Healing, Jamflowman -> Frankenfoote, Daydream Farmer, Brown Chicken Brown Cow[2]

Set 2: DJBJ Jam, Bronze Fingers, Apples[3], FRENDS Theme

Encore: Happy Birthday[5], Earth Mama

Show Notes: Soule Monde opened the show. Mihali had gotten married earlier in the day, Zdenek congratulated him after 'Wildfire'. The band was introduced to the stage by Jack Mitrani. 'Jamflowman' was dedicated to Conor and Kristen. Set 2 opened with a full band DJBJ jam. Prior to the encore the winners of the raffle were announced. During Soule Monde's set Mihali sat-in for a song during which Ray Paczkowski briefly teased 'Here Comes the Bride'. 
[1] 'Wildfire' featured Brook on acoustic guitar. 
[2] 'Brown Chicken Brown Cow' featured Russ Lawton (Soule Monde) on drums and Ray Paczkowski (Soule Monde) on keys during the jam. 
[3] 'Apples' featured original Twiddle bassist Billy Comstock on bass.
[4] 'FRENDS Theme' featured Jack Mitrani (Frendly Crew) on acoustic guitar. 
[5] 'Happy Birthday' was sung acapella by Mihali and the crowd and dedicated to Jack Mitrani for his 26th birthday.