2014-11-01 | The Met, Pawtucket, RI

One Set: Grandpa Fox, Second Wind, The Catapillar, Earth Mama, Tiberius[1] -> Star Wars Theme -> Glory -> Tiberius, Zazu's Flight, White Light[2], Apples[3], Hattibagen McRat

Encore: Mad World

Show Notes: 
[1] 'Tiberius' contained the William Wallace Speach from the movie 'Braveheart' prior to the segue into the 'Star Wars Theme' (John Williams). 
[2]'White Light' was a Twiddle debut. It included Uncle Beard showing Mihali the lyrics on a self phone. 
[3] 'Apples' contained a MUN + DJ BJ change-off jam where the band members switched out instruments with Twiddle then eventually back. MUN opened the show.