2014-09-28 | Kader & Suzy's Funkfest, Bethany, CT

Set 1: Every Soul, Dayream Farmer, Apples > Son's Gonna Rise > Funky Town[1] > Michael Jackson Medley > Apples, Best Feeling, Hattibagen McRat, BBQ -> Heavy Things

Set 2: Wildfire, Glory, Mamunes the Faun[2]

Encore: Be There, Son's Gonna Rise

Show Notes: This was a private party played on Dylan Kader's Farm in Bethany, CT. The band got caught in traffic en route so the show start later than scheduled (11-1 instead of 7:30-11). In addition, the police showed up around the end which is why the second set is so short. 
[1] 'Funky Town' featured Scot Hannay (Mister F) on keys. 
[2] 'Mamunes the Faun' contained 'Gone Gone One' (New Deal) teases and featured Scott Hannay on (Mister F) on keys and Jake Brownstein (Eggy) on guitar.