2014-09-20 | Great North Music Festival, Norridgewock, ME

Set 1: Polluted Beauty, Hatti's Jam -> When it Rains, It Pours -> Somewhere Over the Rainbow -> When it Rains, It Pours[1], Doinkinbonk!!!

Set 2: Syncopated Healing, Gatsby the Great, Be There, Cabbage Face

Show Notes: These sets were played at the Great North Music Festival in Norridgewock, Maine. The lineup included Tipper, Griz,Papadosio, Nahko and the Medicine for the People and more. 
[1] During Ryan's keyboard solo everyone else left the stage while Ryan had his eyes closed soloing only to open his eyes and realize the whole band an inch from his face, Mihali kissed his cheek, then Mihali and Zdenek switched instruments for the rest of the song and Mihali brought in the vocals of "Somewhere of the Rainbow"