2014-08-23 | Stratton Mountain, Stratton Mountain, VT

Soundcheck: Best Feeling[1]

Set 1: Blueberry Tumble, Earth Mama, Wildfire, Hattibagen McRat[1], Frankenfoote[2], Harry Hood[1]

Set 2: Latin Tang -> Too Many Puppies -> Glycerine Medley, Bronze Fingers[1], Did You Ever Look So Nice?, Every Soul, Bee Hop > Mamunes the Faun, Rocky Raccoon[1][3], Hatti's Jam -> When it Rains, it Pours, Be There

Show Notes: Before 'Harry Hood' there were 'Cat Scratch Fever' (Ted Nugent) and 'You Enjoy Myself' (Phish) teases. 'Latin Tang' contained a Gubb Dump. 'Every Soul' contained a keytar (dab) solo. 
[1] 'Best Feeling', 'Hattibagen McRat', 'Harry Hood', 'Bronze Fingers' and 'Rocky Raccoon' featured Estaban Garcia on mandolin 
[2] 'Frankenfoote' was performed with Addison and contained alternate lyrics which showed Frankie making it home. 
[3] 'Rocky Raccoon' featured Hayley Jane on vocals.