2014-06-27 | Frendly Gathering, Timber Ridge, VT

Set One: Daydream Farmer, Glycerine Medley, Frends Theme, Hein Hods Hoddle > The Hook -> Invisible Ink, Bronze Fingers, Casey Jones, Beethoven & Green

Encore: Did You Ever Look So Nice?

Set Two: Polluted Beauty, Doinkinbonk!!!, Eyes of the World, Jamflowman, Hatti's jam -> When it Rains it Poors

Encore: Cabbage Face

Show Notes: The first set was the first set of the second day of the Frendly Gathering Music Festival. It was played on the Top Stage during the 11:30a-12:30pm timelsot and was played acoustically. The second set was played on the Wood Stage during the 1:00am-2:00am timeslot.