2014-04-18 | Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY

Set 1: Syncopated Healing, Hattibagen McRat, Zazu's Flight, Beehop[1] > Ganja Medley[1] > Beehop, Mamunes the Fawn[2], Heins Hod's Hoddle -> The Hook, Wasabi Eruption, The Box[1] > Mortal Kombat, FRENDS Theme[3], Hatti's Jam[1] -> When it Rains it Poors[1] -> Somewhere Over the Rainbow[1]

Set 2: Doinkinbonk!!![1] -> Too Many Puppies, Glycerine Medley > Pressure Drop[4]

Show Notes: 'Doinkinbonk' contained a Morning Dew' (Bonnie Dobson) tease. 
[1] 'Beehop', 'The Box', 'Hatti's jam -> When it Rains it Poors -> Somewhere Over the Rainbow' and 'Doinkinbonk' featured Kenny Brooks (Ratdog) on saxophone. 'Beehop' also contained a Ganja Medley which featured 'Smoke 2 Joints (The Toyes) -> Legalize It (Peter Tosh) -> Pass the Dutchie (Musical Youth) -> Who's Got The Herb? (311) -> The Joker (Steve Miller Band)
[2] 'Mamunes the Fawn' featured Bobby Paltauf (The Bobby Paltauf Band) on guitar and Kenny Brooks (Ratdog) on saxophone
[3] 'FRENDS Theme' featured Wiley Griffin (MUN) on guitar and also contained alternate lyrics.
[4] The outro to 'Pressure Drop' contained a vocal jam.