2014-04-06 | Pickle Barrel, Killington, VT

Set 1: Atlantic Mocean > BBQ > Atlantic Mocean, Brown Chicken Brown Cow, Bronze Fingers, Jamflowman, Hattibagen McRat, Wescotton Candy, Mamunes The Faun > Ganja Medley[1] > Mamunes the Faun

Set 2: Lithium (Nirvana cover), Syncopated Healing (aborted)[2], Cabbage Face, Syncopated Healing, Second Wind, Doinkinbonk!!![3], The Catapiller, 54-46 (That's My Number)

Encore: Son's Gonna Rise

Show Notes: 
[1] 'Ganja Medley' contained 'Smoke 2 Joints > Legalize It > Who's Got The Herb > Pass The Dutchie > Fire On The Mountain > Legalize It > Who's Got The Herb'
[2] Mihali broke a string 
[3] 'Doinkinbonk!!!' contained 'Norwegian Wood' (The Beatles) teases from both Mihali and Zdenek.