2014-01-30 | Garcia's, Portchester, NY

Set 1: Wildfire, West Cotton Candy, Jamflowman[1], Brown Chicken Brown Cow, Polluted Beauty, Cabbage Face

Set 2: Mamunes the Faun, Doinkenbonk!!![2], Latin Tang[3], 54-46 (That's My Number), Atlantic Mocean > BBQ > Heavy Things > Bad Touch (Bloodhound Gang) > Get Lucky (Daft Punk) > Atlantic Mocean, Hattibagen McRat

Encore: Hatti's Jam > When it Rains it Pours

Show Notes: 
[1] 'Jamflowman' contained a 'Layla' (Eric Clapton) outro jam. 
[2] 'Doinkinbonk!!!' contained a 'Smoke on the Water' (Deep Purple) tease. 
[3] 'Latin Tang' featured Wiley Griffin (MUN) on guitar in place of Mihali.