2013-08-07 | Nectar's, Burlington, VT

Set 1: Atlantic Mocean -> BBQ -> Atlantic Mocean, Apples[1] -> Funky Town -> Apples, Catapillar[2], Carter Candlestick[3], Harder They Come[4], Cabbage Face

Set 2: Earth Mama, Wildfire, Eyes of the World [5], Frankenfoote, Mamunes The Faun 

Show Notes: This was the first night of a four night Nectar's residency in August of 2013. Recordings of which would be used for the bands live album "Live at Nectar's". 
[1] Apples contained a 'Billy Jean' (Michael Jackson) tease and went into a 'Funky Town' (Lipps Inc) jam. 
[2] Catapillar contained 'A Go-go' (John Scofield) tease. 
[3][4][5] 'Carter Candlestick', 'The Harder They Come' (Jimy Cliff) and 'Eyes of the World' (Grateful Dead) featured Zach Nugent on guitar