2013-04-19 | Pickle Barrel Nightclub, Killington, VT

Set 1: Hein Hod's Hoddle, Carter Candlestick, Second Wind, Mamunes The Fuan, The Caterpillar[1], Tibereus[1], Latin Tang[1]

Set 2: Polluted Beauty[2], Brown Chicken Brown Cow[3] > Use Me > Brown Chicken Brown Cow[1], Gatsby the Great > Big Country > Gatsby The Great > Fluffhead > Gatsby The Great[1], Wasabi Eruption, Frankenfoote

Encore: Beethoven and Greene[1]

Show Notes:
[1] 'The Cataperillar', 'Tiberius', 'Lain Tang', 'Brown Chicken Brown Cow', 'Gatsby the Great' and 'Beethoven & Greene' all featured Chazz Canney on saxophone/trumpet
[2] 'Polluted Beauty' was a debut. 
[3] 'Brown Chicken Brown Cow' contained a 'Blister in the Sun' (Violent Femmes) jam