2011-04-15 | Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT

Set 1: Indigo Trigger[1], Carter Candlestick -> Jamflowman > Frankenfoote > Jamflowman > Carter Candlestick[2] > Beethoven & Greene[3] > Jamflowman[4], Second Wind, Latin Tang

Set 2: Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd), Daydream Farmer, Apples, Doinkinbonk!!!, Zazu's Flight, Beehop, The Box, When it Rains it Poors

Show Notes: This setlist may be inacurate or incomplete. 
[1] 'Indigo Trigger' was a debut
[2] The end of 'Jamflowman' contained the last verse of 'Carter Candlestick'
[3] 'Carter Candlestick' segued into the last chorus of 'Beethoven & Greene'
[4] 'Beethoven & Greene' segued into the last verse of 'Jamflowman'